6.38 HEN! To Be Released

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6.38 HEN! To Be Released

Post  M33 on Wed Apr 20, 2011 8:07 pm

Sorry For being not active in this Forum. Actually my blog is more update to this.



APRIL 14, 2011 -I Found an Exploit!!! on VSH
I Found it a while ago by Accident !. I'll not say whether its an Photo , Music ,or Video and ETC

My Firmware is 6.35 according to Me this Exploit is Present on 6.38.

For Now when i View it the exploit execute to helloworld only ,Soon as possible i'll make it a HEN. IF You Want to Test the Exploit on 6.38

APRIL 18, 2011 - only pick 3 people here no need to mention who for some reason. maybe he leaked so no metioning. , The Exploit should arrived in your Mail Watch out your Yahoo mail / or Google Mail.

Please Feedback if you test it. then post the following bug here.

if there's no bug - expect the release!- gonna port it to HEN

EDIT: After Checking my Mail again 2 people report that there's no problem and bug
I dont know the other 1 man. Maybe offline.

There will be no release of Exploit But there will be a Release of HEN!

Thanks again to Some1 for Help.

APRIL 20 ,2011 - successfully Port my Exploit into HEN. Gonna Release it Soon Here in my Blog.

Here's My Changelog

-Ability Show Your Model on mac and spoof your version

-SystemControl 70%
-Compressed rebootex
-Added M33 network update
-Support Homebew (Compatibility 50% )
-Ability to run VLF homebrews
-Ability to Downgrade (fake.index.dat) Thanks to davee and TotalNoob

The Features are not really good enough
Gonna add some more with cool features.


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¿ Cuando lanza su CFW 6.38 M33-1 ?

Post  TeamSDX on Sun May 08, 2011 9:45 am

Hola señor M33 ... para cuando su maravilloso CFW 6.38 M33-1 por favor .... Ayudame, lo espero con muchas ganas GRACIAS.

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ver 6.38

Post  bushido on Thu May 19, 2011 2:39 am

When it is estimated the ver 6.38 to be released Question Question Question


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Re: 6.38 HEN! To Be Released

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